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Traffic jams and unproductive delays

The streets of Dhaka were at a complete standstill due to the Bangladesh Awami League rally yesterday. Police and Administration only watched a dysfunctional Dhaka, creating so many traffic jams. The total cost of an unwarranted traffic jam is a few hundred crore Taka per day for Dhaka in general.

Dhaka is the nerve center of everything. Dhaka was in a chaotic condition yesterday. Damage done to citizens was immense.

Notredame College entrance exams took place yesterday. Many students were late by 30 minutes. How Bangladesh Awami League and the government are going to compensate the students whose lives will be changed forever? These are facts of life that the Forward Party strongly believes should be discussed. Also, rally by a government party creates no problem according to the police/the government while an opposition rally from any party needs all forms of permission. What a strange banana republic are we running!!!

Forward Party believes that citizens need to collectively come together and put the country back on track and move it Forward. Change is inevitable. Change is a must. The winds of Change is blowing in the wind. Let us drive Change FORWARD. FORWARD PARTY – a political party in #Bangladesh#Police#Politics#RuleofLAW#Justice#Governance#Fairplay#Fairness#Change
Rtn Adv Ziaur Rahman
Citizens Open Forum (COF)